Food craving facts

Food cravings are the subject of many studies, both scientific and psychological. The thing is, especially in this day and age, we, as human beings, like to have the sense that we are in control, in control of our own destiny, in control of our mind, in control of our body. As a result, we just can’t stand, for instance, the idea of food cravings taking control of our mind (when all we can think about all day is food), and sometimes even of our behavior (when we give in to those dreaded cravings).

Meditating in public transportation?

Meditation is almost on everyone’s minds these days. With stressful lives and a not so reassuring world, more and more of us are coming to terms with the fact that the solution to our well being isn’t necessarily going to come externally but rather internally. What if we could be the architects of our own happiness, or at least of our own welfare? This is one of the promises of meditation, even in its popularized acception.

What your tattoos say about you

Beyond some basic clichés about tattoos such as the infamous “tramp stamp” expression and other more or less socially acceptable tattoo zones, what do your tattoos actually say about you? For one, it’s true that nowadays, tattoos are less frowned upon now than they used to be in the past. Tattoos are everywhere, in magazines, down runways, on the small and big screen, sported by celebrities and famous CEOs alike.

The health benefits of journaling

It’s no secret that writing is good for the health. It’s been scientifically proven to positively contribute to keeping stress in check. Lately, there’s been much talk about healthy habits related to writing, such as taking a few minutes before bedtime every day to make a mental or yet better written list of negative thoughts, to get rid of them, as well as a list of positive things, to practice gratitude. This habit is supposed to help unwind and allow for a better night’s sleep. We could add other examples such as writing a letter to one’s inner child, writing to cope with trauma, the pros of writing are many.

Why you should be embracing Hygge

Hygge has been part of the Danish lifestyle forever. More precisely, it’s a sort of second nature to Danish people. Now if we were to try and find the most adequate equivalent in the English language, cozy is probably the term which would come closest to defining what makes up Hygge—although the Danish would probably insist that cozy falls short compared to what Hygge actually stands for in their culture.