Your Company Appalogue

The benefits of having your own Company Appalogue

Written on 09/11/2018
Albert Kampta

Read and Archive all of your Company Catalogues or Brochures in a Secure Single Appalogue

If you have marketing material available at many different sites and need to ensure your information is up to date and easily accessible in a single location, we can take your PDFs and upload them to a Single Secure Appalogue for you to control and distribute to your employees, suppliers or for New Business enquiries.

No extra work for you as we work directly from your existing PDF files

Thats right, just supply us  a PDF of what you what in the Appalogue and we will convert and design and brand  it with your corporate style.

Increase Visibility to your Customers at all times

Humans have their mobile devices with them pretty much all the time. We like using them when waiting at the bus stop, riding to and from work and even when watching TV in the evening. and they even are at our bedside to wake us up in the morning. We constantly want and receive information and an Appalogue makes it that bit easier.

Market More Directly

Mobile apps bring a lot of information to your business about your customers. Examples are demographics and geographical locations. More importantly, you can give a lot of information to your clients about your products and services. Examples are news feeds, product specifications, new features, prices, promotions and special rates.You can know the preferences of certain customers and meet their individual needs. The fact that you are marketing more directly is a huge advantage.

Provide Your Customers with Value using our bespoke "Coupon Discount Options"

Do you have a loyalty program? Why not make it digital using a mobile app? You can move from the traditional reward collection to the smart phone and other mobile devices. 

Build Brand Recognition

Whether your business is new or rebranding, you can enhance its recognition using a mobile app. Simply create an app with likeable features and you will mesmerise your audiences. Instead of putting up an expensive billboard, construct a functional app. After all, not everyone actually pays attention to or heeds the messages displayed on billboards.

Increase Customer Engagement

All clients need a way to reach the business that sells a product or service that they are interested in. If you are unreachable, you run the risk of losing customers. A mobile app therefore comes in handy at enabling this reach. Have a help desk on the mobile platform where customers can post their questions, orders, comments and complaints.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The fact that a mobile app sets you apart cannot be overemphasised. Take advantage of this effective communication and marketing tool while it is still rare. By the time your competitors are realising its importance, you will have grabbed almost the entire market share. No matter what you sell, you can take a commanding role among your peers.

Just by a tap of a button, your clients are able to see your products and services. That mobile apps are fast, easy, and simple to operate is a fact you need to capitalise on. This ease can drive customer engagement and loyalty to an unprecedented level.

Increase Customer Loyalty Using our bespoke "Loyalty Reward Program"

How many customers come back to your shop or office for a second purchase? This is an important aspect of business that you must cultivate. Customer loyalty can be achieved when you constantly remind your clients about your existence and the kind of products or services you sell.

Turn Your App Into a Social Platform

Integrate numerous social features into a mobile app. A study once revealed that most people on social media just log in to see what their friends are saying. Incorporate this idea into your marketing strategy so that people actually see your brand while they catch up with their friends.

Most People Are on Mobile

3 in 10 customers started a purchase path from a mobile app. These statistics emphasise why you need to go mobile.